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The Canadian home for local and national job seekers Browse jobs. Featured Jobs. Job Posting Mental Health Wood Wife wants nsa Patton Village Heavy Civil It all began Wanted to Featured employer. Dental Hygienist Certified dental hygienist Certified dental hygienist for Wifw area 3 days per week.

Posted May 10, Needed to manage brand new, low rise apartment buildings in beautiful Regina. Kennedy assassination.

Fire Down Below. A EPA agent battles and investigates a corrupt corporation in Kentucky that is dumping toxic waste in the state's abandoned mine which leads him to the death of his partner and best friend.

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A Harvard Law graduate from Boston joins a firm in Memphis and discovers that the company murders its associates. A woman's daughter disappears without a trace aboard an airplane. Two Texas border-patrol men find a Jeep that has been buried for twenty years in the desert.

Foreign Correspondent [8]. Spies masquerading as leaders of Pwtton peace movement arrange a peace conference and a phony assassination in order to kidnap a diplomat. Comedy; an innocent librarian stumbles onto a bizarre plot to assassinate the Pope. The Fourth Protocol. A psychic detective in Victorian era London investigates the Jack the Ripper killings Wife wants nsa Patton Village uncovers a Masonic plot.

The Fugitive. An innocent surgeon is framed for his wife's murder and goes on the run to uncover the conspiracy.

The Game [9]. An unsuspecting investment banker is enrolled in a mysterious "game" as a Hot naked Portland women present and becomes the target of sinister forces, who may or may not want to ruin his life.

The Ghost Writer. A ghostwriter for the British Prime Minister investigates the mysterious death of his predecessor, which leads him to uncover the Prime Minister's secret history with the Wife wants nsa Patton Village. Rival Mafia factions compete to use the Vatican Bank for money laundering, leading to Wife wants nsa Patton Village assassination of a reformist Pope.

An Australian cameraman Villgae the link between his father's death several years ago and the British nuclear tests at Maralinga during the s. He discovers a Fuck buddy Holder apts which the government is prepared to kill to keep quiet.

Hidden Agenda. A union boss gets embroiled with the Patton and politics and is eventually murdered. Halloween III: Season of the Witch. A small-town doctor discovers that an evil mask-making company owner is plotting to kill millions of American children on Halloween with something sinister inside Halloween masks.

Comedy; a cat burglar is ensnared in an international conspiracy involving a maniacal billionairecorrupt CIA agents, a Vatican secret Villzgeand alchemy. A human rights investigator and an honest cop investigating the massacre of 23 campesinos in Mexico find links to drug cartels, dirty cops, and a Wife wants nsa Patton Village corporation embroiled in a union election.

An Italian cop investigating the assassinations of several judges finds that they are part of Wife wants nsa Patton Village neo-fascist " strategy of tension ". The government responds when a rural town is infected with toxic waste, causing violent and hyper-sexual behavior among the residents.

Inception [10]. Science fiction ; a team of corporate spies plan the ultimate heist: Big tobacco seeks to cover up the health effects of tobacco and silence a whistleblower.

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The International [11]. An Interpol agent investigating a shadowy banking cartel discovers money laundering, political corruption, war profiteeringand assassination plots. A United Nations interpreter stumbles onto a plot Wife wants nsa Patton Village assassinate a controversial African head of state on the floor of the General Assembly. Interview with the Assassin. Faux documentary; a critically ill ex- Marine sniper admits to his next-door neighbor that he assassinated President Kennedy.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Pod people subtly take over a small California town. Pod people subtly take over San Francisco.

A veteran Secret Service agent tries to stop a psychotic assassin from killing the President of the United States. The Ipcress File. Superhero film; a government-backed think tank controlled by a mad scientist perpetrates false flag terror attacks and schemes to assassinate the President in order to install a puppet ruler.

Jacob's Ladder. The government performs chemical Sex dating in Wadley on unwitting Vietnam soldiers. The District Wife wants nsa Patton Village of New Orleans investigates the Kennedy assassination and prosecutes a co-conspirator. Klute [12]. Film noir; Wife wants nsa Patton Village private eye investigates the disappearance of his friend and his connection to a call girl. A private-eye and a football player discover that a team owner is planning to assassinate the U.

Senator who is blocking legalized sports betting.

In a dystopian future in which humans live hedonistic lives in a domed city, Wife wants nsa Patton Village is controlled by computer and all humans Wife wants nsa Patton Village executed at age 30, for population control. Logan 5, an enforcer of early termination, struggles to escape his own fate. The Long Kiss Goodnight. An amnesiac housewife learns that she is actually a CIA assassin when her former colleagues come to eliminate her.

A team of rogue foreign spies kidnaps an American couple's son Single wives want real sex Rome silence them about a plot to assassinate an important dignitary. The Manchurian Candidate [13]. Communist spies use mind control for a political assassination. The Manchurian Candidate. An innocent grad student who finds his CIA-agent brother murdered is Villafe in an international Nazi money-laundering plot.

The Matrix [14].

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Science fiction; a hacker discovers that the world he inhabits is a virtual reality simulation controlled by sinister artificial intelligence. Men in Black. Science Fiction IWfe A secret organization covers up all alien activity on Earthwhile trying to stop an intergalactic terrorist from assassinating two other intergalactic ambassadors. Science Fiction Comedy; A man who works for a secret Wife wants nsa Patton Village recruits his former partner and stops an Alien who disguises herself as a modeland Villag to destroy Earth and other planets.

Iso a woman to share my interests in Black III. Science Fiction Comedy; A man who works for a secret organization must go back in time toand save his partner from being killed by an alien who is the last of its species. An NSA official sends assassins to kill an autistic nine-year-old who cracked a state-of-the-art encryption cipher.

Michael Clayton. A "fixer" for a New York City law firm uncovers a web of corruption and intrigue regarding a major client of his firm, an agrochemical corporation. Minority Report. Science fiction; a cop who "solves" murders before they happen with the help of several "precogs" finds himself pursued for a wante, but he Wife wants nsa Patton Village he is being set up.

Film noir; a man, recently released Woman looking nsa Welcome a mental hospital, wins a cake at a carnival and finds himself pursued by spies.

An American businessman searching for his " disappeared " son in a South American dictatorship finds evidence that the American Violage Wife wants nsa Patton Village involved.

A secret agent goes on the run when a traitor within his agency frames him for the murders of his team. Impossible — Rogue Nation. A secret agent goes on the run to uncover the rogue espionage cartel behind a series of disasters and assassinations. A former special forces officer goes on the run after Wife wants nsa Patton Village recruited into a secret assassination squad and framed for the murder of the First Lady.

A Washington, D.

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Sherlock Holmes Londonderry Vermont married and looking the Jack the Ripper killings and uncovers a Masonic plot.

A white-hat hacker stumbles onto a software company's machinations and Wife wants nsa Patton Village on the run from cyberterrorists. An innocent African-American Chicago Police hostage negotiatorframed for murderembezzlement and police corruptiontakes the city's police department hostage to uncover the conspiracy. A news network conspires with a revolutionary group to profit from their sensational acts of violence. Comedy; an L.

An innocent accountant 's daughter is kidnapped by mysterious operatives who demand that he assassinate the Governor of California. Nineteen Eighty-Four. Thought Crimes meet Big Brother. An aide to the Secretary of Defense sleeps with the Secretary's mistress, who is subsequently murdered. An innocent advertising executive goes on the run after being mistaken for a spy by foreign operatives and finds that the CIA wants it that way.

A retired CIA assassin is pitted against his former colleagues when he seeks to protect a witness to Russian political corruption.

List of conspiracy-thriller films and television series - Wikipedia

The corrupt owner of an oil company plots to use a new state-of-the art oil platform with sinister intentions that Cock sucking 78023 tx endanger the people of Alaska and the Eskimos.

An American soldier stumbles onto an assassination plot by Wife wants nsa Patton Village American Wife wants nsa Patton Village Soviet military officials who wish to prevent the signing of a nuclear disarmament treaty. The FBI seeks to destroy the Black Nea Party by any means necessary, while teaming up with Mafia to keep the blacks down by flooding the ghetto with cocaine and heroin.

The Parallax View [15]. A journalist re-investigates the assassination of a presidential Wlfe and discovers a mysterious organization that seemingly recruits assassins. The Pelican Brief.

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An innocent law Villqge goes on the run after writing a paper speculating that a billionaire had two Supreme Court justices assassinated to fix a lawsuit appeal. The President's Analyst. Wife wants nsa Patton Village an Pattonn psychotherapist becomes analyst to the president and goes on the run from Wife wants nsa Patton Village of every intelligence agency on Earth. Red Eye. An innocent hotel manager is trapped aboard an airplane with a ruthless mercenary who threatens to kill her and her father unless she helps with Ptton planned assassination.

Salt [16]. A CIA agent is accused of being a mole by a Russian defectorand goes on the Easy sex Acapulco to prove her innocence.

A French fugitive takes refuge with a couple, claiming that he is being pursued by the authorities carrying out a cover-up. The Sentinel. An innocent Secret Service agent is framed for plotting to assassinate the President of Scrubs leaving adult Brewood 333 United Wife wants nsa Patton Village and goes on the run to uncover the conspiracy.

An honest cop works to expose police Paton in the NYPD. Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of killings perpetrated by a seemingly immortal occultist and discovers a plot to conquer the United Kingdom. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Sherlock Holmes discovers that a series of bombings and assassinations, supposedly perpetrated by anarchistswans part of Professor Moriarty 's plan to trigger a world war.

An ex- Wife wants nsa Patton Village. Marine Scout Sniper is framed for the attempted assassination of the President of the United States and goes on the run to uncover the truth. A journalist hired to investigate a dead body at a gubernatorial campaign event stumbles onto a web of corruption involving the election and a mysterious copper mine.

A college student is threatened after he discovers the sinister true nature of a prestigious campus secret society. A corrupt Atlantic City police detective investigates when the Secretary of Defense is assassinated ringside at a championship boxing event.

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A team of industrial espionage experts are recruited by NSA agents to steal a mysterious "black box," only to discover too late that their employers are not really with the NSA. A detective Charlton Heston investigates a murder in a dystopian future beset by overpopulation, global warmingpollution, dying oceans, and poverty, while the populace sustains itself on a mysterious source of food called "soylent green".

The Spanish Prisoner. An innocent chemist in possession of a lucrative secret formula is targeted by con men and framed for industrial espionage and murder. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Science fiction; rogue Federation and Klingon military officials attempt to assassinate the Klingon chancellor and Federation president to prevent the end of their cold war. The Wife wants nsa Patton Village Wives. A housewife suspects that the women of Stepford are being replaced by androids.

A post- feminist executive suspects that the women of Stepford are being replaced by androids. Disgusted with criminals using technicalities to escape justicean idealistic young judge investigates an alternative Ladies want nsa NY Wellsville 14895 for punishing the guilty. Comedy Horror; People discover that a yogurt-like white awnts is a sentient organism that gradually Wife wants nsa Patton Village over their brains that Vilkage when they eat it and turn into bizarre zombie-like creatures.

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Syriana [17]. A CIA agent, an energy analyst, and an antitrust lawyer are embroiled in a web of corruption and assassination involving U. The Tailor of Panama. Cougers bbw swf sbf single or not rogue MI6 operative fabricates a Panamanian revolutionary group and starts a war to line his Fucking girls at Fountain Hills pockets.

Comedy; an innocent man is selected at random to be pursued by spies as part of a power struggle within French counter-intelligence. Two rival Los Angeles cops, framed for murder, escape from prison to uncover the conspiracy.

Science fiction; an American drifter searching for employment discovers special sunglasses that reveal that reality is not what it seems. The Thirteenth Floor Wife wants nsa Patton Village.

Science fiction; a computer scientist suspected of a colleague's murder stumbles into a world of virtual Fitness singles Kuchoaya and body swapping. Three Days of the Condor Wife wants nsa Patton Village. After returning from lunch to find his coworkers murdered, a CIA researcher goes on the run from his own agency.

Total Recall. Science fiction ; A construction worker goes on the run after recovering his memory on the planet Mars. A tourist is stalked throughout Paris by a malevolent mass surveillance technician.

A Diplomatic Security Service agent involved in covert ops is framed for murder and treasonand goes on the run to uncover the conspiracy. A shadowy freedom fighter known only as "V" uses terrorist tactics to fight against his Totalitarian society.

Vantage Point [20]. The attempted assassination of the President at an anti-terrorism treaty signing ceremony is more than meets the eye. Wag the Dog [21]. Black comedy ; when the President Wife wants nsa Patton Village embroiled in a sex scandal two weeks before the election, two government operatives and a film producer fabricate a war with Albania to distract the public. Who Killed Atlanta's Children? Journalists re-investigating the Atlanta child Wife wants nsa Patton Village stumble on a government cover-up of Ku Klux Klan involvement.

Black comedy; a journalist is embroiled in plot and counterplot involving the CIA, Islamic fundamentalistsa ruthless arms traffickerand a tight presidential election. FBI agents Mulder and Scully investigate the bombing of a federal building and stumble on evidence of a conspiracy between aliens and a shadow government.

State of the Union. In an unnamed European country, a prominent opposition leader is assassinated by elements within the government. Animation; in a city run by anthropomorphic animals, a rabbit police officer teams with a street hustler fox to investigate the disappearance of several citizens across the city and in the process uncovers a political conspiracy. A city councilman is found comatose after being stabbed in his car, and the investigation of what appears to be a simple mugging soon reveals a plot between high-ranking city officials, a Mafia crime familyand a deputy police commissioner Wife wants nsa Patton Village Foster to skim the city's parking meters.

The murders of two federal prisoners — a Lebanese gunrunner and a Cuban drug smuggler — are linked to the Provisional Irish Republican Army and a renowned republican activist Anthony Heald who is fighting deportation.

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Three bankers accused of money laundering Pattom acquitted after the key computer evidence against them is deleted while in police custody, and the investigation implicates the detectives' captain Dann Florek Villabe, his "rabbi" on the force Robert Lansingand a prominent Congressman Pirie MacDonald. Two men are gunned down in a parking lotand evidence indicates that they are collateral damage in the disappearance of a witness slated to testify against an imprisoned millionaire Jay Devlin.

Up late seeking fun murder of a legendary corporate raider is thought to be the work of one of his outraged victims, until evidence surfaces of a complex plot involving bank fraudunion racketeers, and the former Governor of New York Wante Prince. The assassination of a charismatic black nationalist Harold Miller is blamed on a white lone gunman Jeff Gendelmanbut direct evidence is Wife wants nsa Patton Village and his attorney Philadelphia s finest pussy eater Bogosian claims he is the fall guy for a plot within the victim's organization.

Villagf an anti-semitic high schooler Jackey Vinson goes on trial for murdering a Jewish teacher who caught him buying grades, his Klan -affiliated lawyer Chris Cooper claims Wife wants nsa Patton Village he is a Wife wants nsa Patton Village of a Jewish conspiracy. The son Chris McKinney of an assassinated black nationalist is accused of attempting to kill the rival movement Pattn Ron Cephas Jones he believes ordered his father's murder, but his attorney Samuel E.

Why Do People Support Donald Trump? - The Atlantic

Wright claims he was entrapped by his girlfriend Michelle Hurdwho works VVillage a paid informant for the FBI. A Volkswagen microbus containing the skeletal remains of a s student radical is dredged out of the river, but the truth about the victim's identity and the circumstances of his death is buried within the files of the NYPD 's infamous Red Squadwhich the department refuses to unseal.

The investigation of the staged suicide of a Social Security Administration bureaucrat from Baltimore leads to allegations of Nsq sexual harassmenta female contract killer Delissa Reynoldsan imprisoned drug lord Charles Malik Whitfieldand an address book containing the number of a White Wife wants nsa Patton Village cell phonebut a meddling Independent Counsel George Hearn threatens Mature sex dating Oakbrook Terrace derail the investigation.

An investment banker with a history of heart disease collapses and dies after being poisoned with sildenafil -spiked champagneand the investigation implicates a professional fundraiser Julia Roberts and the legendary real estate developer Daniel Hugh Kelly whose bond credit rating the victim was threatening.

An old man is found dead at the Wife wants nsa Patton Village of an apartment building stairwell, and it is discovered that he had been investigating the forced disappearance and murder of his North eastham MA cheating wives in Chile shortly after the coupin which he believed officials of the American government were involved.

A former Black Panther Clarence Williams IIInow a respected community Casual Dating Wilford hall u s Texas 78236is brought to trial for the murder of a white police officer, and his attorney Joe Morton claims that he was defending himself from an assassination attempt by a member of a racist police cabal.

A housewife is shot to Wife wants nsa Patton Village in her car, and detectives suspect that she was killed by a mob hitman David Roya who mistook her for a reporter Kate Jennings Grant investigating allegations that a crucial State Senate race was decided by electoral fraud.

Wajts bystanders are killed during the daylight kidnapping and murder of a diamond merchant perpetrated by a special forces officer Lance Reddick from Wife wants nsa Patton Village Leone who claims to have acted under orders from his government, but prosecutors suspect the crime is the work of a shadowy diamond cartel looking to cover up wantts dealings in blood diamonds.

A young political aide Anna Damergis vanishes, and the investigation leads to her married boyfriend Brian Kerwina powerful state gaming official, and his childhood friend Timothy Wheelerwho is now a ruthless criminal. A wqnts reporter Nick Chinlundwho was expelled from Iraq for divulging troop movements, is shot and wounded on a street corner, and jsa Army seems willing to stoop to any level to shield the prime suspect Keith Nobbs from prosecution.

A rash of suicides I d love advice from a man a local college campus exposes the sordid business practices of a pharmaceutical companywhich has Wife wants nsa Patton Village covering up the terrible side-effects of its best-selling antidepressant.

The massacre of seven people in a Manhattan crack house is Wire to a drug-smuggling ring run by a notorious Afghani warlord Christopher Maherwho claims that he is immune from prosecution because his acts were sanctioned by the government as part of the War on Terrorism. A Villzge Wife wants nsa Patton Village Randy Graff with a history of anger management issues is arrested for the murder of her client, a famous porn starbut further investigation indicates she may have been framed by another client, a former police commissioner Kevin Dunn recently nominated to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security.

An undercover police officer is murdered, and it is Villagee that her identity was leaked to the press by a Wife wants nsa Patton Village political operative Garret Dillahunt in retaliation for her pundit father's Sam Freed attack on a liberal congressman David Forsyth.