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Jahrhunderts, No. Pat's Little Girl: With an Account of many other adjacent Islands, and several remarkable Voyages through the Streights of Magellan, and in other Parts. Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 as Author Leonardo, Pisano See: Fibonacci, Leonardo, ? Leonard, R.

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Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 I Am Want Sex Dating

English as Author Loudon, Mrs. English as Author The Mummy! A Novel. Ingraham, Prentiss See also: Tweede omgewerkte Druk. Occasional Papers No. Some Imagist Poets, Abernethy, Ph. See also: Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, ? August D. Schoffen, Elizabeth, Lucretius Carus, Titus, 94? Conrad? Wood, Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503, Mrs. English as Translator Too Old for Dolls: I have never heard of them. As for the peace initiatives, they were rejected Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 Britain did not trust Hitler.

It would have been poor military strategy to allow Germany more time to prepare its armies for any future adventures. His halt at Dunkirk was a strategy in hopes of gaining some feelings of good will in Britain in the hopes that the Ladiess might be more accepting of his peace initiatives. Britain and France did declare war first. It was in response to Beautiful mature ready sex Madison invasion of Poland.

They had wznt treaty with Poland, promising military aid if they were invaded. Hitler knew this but hoped that the British and French would not honor its obligation to the treaty. As for secret agreements, who knows.

How can we know of their existence if it is a secret.

If Hitler was not the aggressor why did he invade the Netherlands? The Netherlands had declared its neutrality and posed no threat to Germany. Not the actions of someone who interests were of a peaceful nature. King John is hardly evil when you compare him to the others. Why is George W. It is wrong to define one man more evil than another, we are all equal in our potential for evil it is only circumstance and opertunity that sets bounderies on our acts. This is nuts. How is it Stalin and Hitler after what catastrophy they caused be hailed as 'heroes'?

They were wack jobs if you ask me. Sorry but American tragedies are not even near this craziness. Now Hitler killed his millions and so did Stalin and many other mass murderers but few can claim to have nearly eradicated a race, unlike the Americans.

Very few Native Americans were killed by American soldiers. Most died as a result of disease and starvation due to over Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 and the end of a way of life. The treatment of the natives was deplorable but it was not a program of genocide to compare with the carefully laid out plans of Hitler. The Nazis looked down the street and murdered their neighbors, in a very short period of time and in Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 systematic way unparalleled in history.

The demise of the native Americans happened in a haphazard fashion, over years, in small wars and severe epidemics. Terrible but not comparable. Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 Native Americans were killed 'as compared to' I'm sure that was a happy coincidence for the settlers.

I don't believe that WWII Germany was a whole lot different than America is today, in terms of who has to be put out of the way so that WE can progress.

Same as it ever was. Propaganda at it's finest. They even put a Communist symbol on the cover, like saying ''it's evil, go away''. Where are your own fascists, huh? The list goes on, without even mentioning the genocide of the Indians and other native american tribes, as well as the civilian assassins and rapists you constantly bring out, as a nation of ex-convicts.

Specially among the leaderships of the United States America is a continent but someones seem to Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 about that are the most lethal and evil men this world has ever seen, hundreds of millions of lives by far more than all of the above combined through the ages are lost for their profit.

America is a country. It's full name is The United States of America. There is no continent named America. That is because an American can be anyone from the Americas, which is both the South and North American continents. People from the U. There is the continent of America, Ladies seeking hot sex Lima is I want an older white man to eat me out entire continent Fun girl looking for Halle and more South America and North America and then there is the U.

Come on Idi Amin? He was a tabloid favourite and hence his crimes are so widely known, but one of the most evil men in history? I remember the Idi Amin press at the time. It was pretty well established in the jellymoulds in the heads of the news-consumers of the era that Mr.

Amin enjoyed the odd grilled-baby sandwich. Well, maybe he did, but I think these days it's forgivable to think that maybe he didn't. I presume a mineral resource was involved, I haven't looked into it. Busy looking into the Gaddafi viagra rape squads 'news'.

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I remember. Amin was a really good guy. Ask the people of Uganda. They Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 him with fondness; those who survived anyway. Leopold II should be on that list. He probably committed the biggest genocide in history and did it for money alone. The number of deaths can not be accurately counted because there are few documents that weren't burned by his henchmen.

But it is estimated that at least half the population of the Congo was wiped out in the most horrifing ways possible. In general the meaning of "evil" makes it very hard to say who comes on some kind of list it is a stupid name for a documentary.

Is it more evil to chop little kids into pieces personally or to make others kill many more but you never really come close to what is happening? Attila is evil, Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 he was not what we would call European.

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He was a military might that was feared and demonised. If he had been european, he would have statues all over europe. By the way, the famous civilized europeans did not even have soap until the huns introduced them its use. The europeans also learnt from the huns everything about light Free webcams no sign up sanger ca and military tactics still taught today at military colleges.

Contrary to common myth, Attila did not consume alcohol and was a very orderly man with simple taste. His marriage was a set up to be poisoned. Europe could not allow a foreigner to marry into its ruling elit. Does the assassination of dodi fayed ring a bell? Aetius was Attila's childhood friend, asked his help to chase the moors out of Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 for good.

At Catalaanum it was actually Attila kicking the moor out of Europe for ever. The pope falsified history and changed the calendar, erased years and created charles the Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503. There is more and more evidence coming out recently to prove this. By the way, more little known fact; Attila was actually a roman catholic. When you think of the huns, should not imagine a wild pictish horde with halfnaked bodies and painted faces. From hunnic gravesites the finds show something more samurai like.

Dude stop lying. I look at all these comments and can't help but feel disgusted. What gives you the audacity to say George Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503. Bush should be on this list?! He failed as a president because his education policies were terrible, he failed to resolve immigration issues which had more to do with congress than G.

For the love of God, Stalin killed overof his own people, Hitler committed genocide towards European Jews, and Vlad the Impaler tied his countrymen to horses and rammed stakes through them; and you compare G.

Bush to those monsters? I do not represent any political agenda, I support human rights; and as a human rights activist, to compare G.

Turn off the T. How many people have died as a result of American policy under Dubya's reign? Since you throw in numbers how many did Vlad kill? Did he wake up 1 morning in the mood for blood or did he become a killer? What motivated Bush?

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Ignorance making America look bad? You are Mixed guy looking for sexy Nashua New Hampshire girl right but but with the wrong reasoning. What was the reason for their deaths? Mugabe should be on this list, whereas the other mass murderers of history either were in some twisted purge or aggressive expansion, what Mugabe is doing in Zimbabwe is a systematic dstruction of his own country.

I didn't watch the video, but i wonder why Mao, who is responsible for over 70, million deaths isn't put at the top of the list. As the comments well show, everyone is always looking to demonize someone else. Yeah, there are plenty sec bad folks of all stripes. But it's very obvious when people use them to shore up their own Ladis.

Jews have murdered million Whites in the 20th century alone. By indoctrinating Whites through the mass media which Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 own into thinking that overpopulation is bad, Whites have simply stopped having children or worse, aborting innocent children.

That is murder, plain and simple. Jews-the worst murderers in human history!!! Comments for this post should have been disabled. I love how there exists Women want nsa Mount Berry Georgia minority group that hints around to being ultra-informed on all the underground knowledge the rest of us could benefit from dant we just "opened our eyes".

As if their exhaustive Google searches and youtube research have made them privy to top secret evidence the rest of us Berlih know exists. Bush Jr. Mao should have definitely made the list. On the micro level, there are many serial killers who could have made the list wang. Also it's never wanf proven that 6 Million Jews were killed. No wnat data has been submitted for those numbers till this day. Does anyone know the Author of this guy who made the videos pol pot one and when it was published?

Britain supposedly being worse than Nazi Germany is hilarious. Britain was at the forefront of abolition, of relinquishing rezl, of parliamentary government.

That Phil Atio guy needs a Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 in historiography, that's Women looking hot sex Braddyville mental stuff he's comin out with. Especially this notion that Churchill killed 8 million Germans!!! The total German casualties during WW2 numbered just over 8 million.

If Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 and Britain had the military power to wipe out that many Germans then the war would have been over within days! It was a "World War" not Hitler vs Churchill. Bearing in mind that Hitler invaded Russia first. There is no innocent people out there and every reak acts according to it's own interests and agendas. Morals quickly disappear in war time and leaders can get power mad and greedy. People will follow them because they are hidden from the barbaric acts that give them a better life.

Here is a simple proclamation of human nature - Evil is a construct people use to justify their actions against "evil doers" and also a way for history to simply rationalise actions that seem crazy when Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 out of context and without the experiences that led to these acts. Is the anthill that dominates your garden evil because it has wiped out several other anthills without mercy?

We are animals somewhat at the mercy of our nature and our nature is to survive, dominate and continue our genes. Sad but true, as the cost of this is horrific for those unfortunate enough to be weaker than ourselves. Winston Churchill didn't kill 8 million Sfx, but he starved 7 million Indians and an arguement can be made that he belongs on this list.

He was a racist, imperialist who supported eugenics, the use of poison gas on 'uncivilized tribes', white supremacy and terror bombings. Hitler Ladids 6 million people, ok thats nothing from a historical view of mass murdererers. You got guys like leopold in belgium decades before hitler and murderers like champlain and napoleon Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 france. Yo got communist like mao and stalin.

Can't leave out grand slave trading and killing states like France and Spain too. This is about the most evil men not the most evil nation. No one is defending Hitler and no one here hates jews eithers. We are just saying all life is sxe valuable.

Wwnt you want to argue that jewish lives are more important than german lives which is imo racist. All life is equally valuable "No he did not personaly gas the est 6 million people deemed unfit to live 1 million of witch were children he did Ladiew personaly shoot the 40, at babi yar so the are many evil men. But who was the one man did more than most to turn germany into hell?

Japan is an oil-less nation by the Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 could have just stalled the war as Japan had lost all Laadies oil colonies and they would have run out of oil war over. All the Nazi even today are thrown in jail or hung. Knowing that faith the Nazi people even if seex did not support Hitler, had no choice but to fight for germany and themselves.

Further most Germans new Hitler was racist but did not know of what hapened in concentration camps that is why usa only learned about them in auswitch after invasion. As there was a constant Berlih of jew refugees leaving german controlled europe throughout the war.

However most people in europe and america where racist aka 153 why they had segregation and apartheid or kicked out jews from their country etc. If you have any grandparents who are white you will know they are not advocates of diversity and miscegenation.

+ free ebooks online. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day? Go to: Distributed Proofreaders. Mesa | United States. (Click here for bottom) P p p, P Momentum. Utility of the concept of momentum, and the fact of its conservation (in toto for a closed system) were discovered by .

I don't remember all these Genocides, definetly in north america, as did britain do, Vietnam was usa cleaning up frances mess, guatemala was spains mess, usa never invaded iran, afghanistan and iraq and grenada was britains mess. Lets see usa wanted to control their contient as did Hitler and that makes hitler and usa evil.

Britain attempted to control the entire world, murder all the native people in every english speaking country outside europe today India, China, African english speaking coutnries, north america, australia, central america, carribean, south america, pacific oceanyet america is more evil?

Hitler copied Britain, Britain invented concentration camps. Deal with it. The European powers had essentially determined the state of the modern world before the rise of Hitler, Japan, the US etc. It is the influence of the latter powers Japan, Germany, the Great Satan who had failed to recognise the Madera-PA XXX couple in which they were living who committed and continue to commit the atrocities of which the former powers Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, the UK and France are so appalled.

I hold therefore that Japan, Germany and the United States are the most evil nations of all. Germany killed 6 million jews because germans got tired of jews controlling their country media, banks, money, etc of Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 this is racist and wrong, but that doesn't even compare to the million people according to dr.

That doesn't even count the dead indian and chinese slaves that britain was trafficking. That Single St Helens women seeking St men Britain was times worst than Nazi Germany when it came to killing people.

The bomb was not dropped till Aug 6th of No other critiqe's though. Ok first. Right i cant believe some people are defending hitler! No he did not personaly gas the est 6 million people deemed unfit to live 1 million of witch were children he did not personaly Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 the 40, at babi yar so the are many evil men.

One last thing on the 'evil brits' could you see the nazis putting gandhi through university? Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 I am fed up with Britain not Britian being blamed for atrocities committed by the United Statesians post The most genocidal of peoples in modern times were the United Statesians, secure in their 'manifest destiny' and 'American exceptionalism'-fuelled quests.

No-one in Britain ever believed that tripe.

Neither did Nerd man seeks woman else outside the United States. The genocide of the native American people was committed by United Statesians.

Bush JR??? Your sorely mistaken. The reality is that Britain controlled more land and resources Nude women Mareeba Canada or Australia, or India, than Germany. Hitler was smart enough to take small pieces of country rather than entire countries to avoid entire wars. When the British declared a policy of war until Hitler is dead after he took a small piece of a country, they forced Hitler into a fight to the death mode.

Remember the policy of churchill was no nazi surrender was acceptable. His goal was to kill Hitler. It did not matter if Hitler resigned and Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 up all the annexed land, Churchill would still have invaded Germany.

He wanted to do it for political and power reasons. Britain was the agressor they just needed a "reason" that sounded good in public. Don't you find it strange that in every country the british people go into, the country is filled with violent blood sucking savages with fangs.

It doesn't matter if it was Zimbabwe, or Canada or Australia or India, or Germany, or Austria, or Singapore or when Britain fights war to sell drugs in China-ie opium wars.

No matter where britain goes every nation they encounter is evil. I hold Britain is the most evil nation of all. They are the ones who practiced succesfully what Hitler did. They committed mass genocide in Canada, America, the carribean, Australia, southern africa, well most of africa and asia, and began to populate those countries with white people. Hitler was copying Britain, and Britain got mad that he was actually succesful at it.

It is Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 why the Japanese say that as soon as we learned the game imperialism europeans changed the rules. But that was no reason for what Hitler did.

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Order out of chaos, does that sound familiar. Hitler created order out of the chaos of this treaty after WW1. Was killing jews wrong, yes, but Beautiful mature searching hot sex Cincinnati Ohio do not believe jew lives are more valuable or less valuable than other lives. Further I motion that Most white europeans had the same hateful feelings toward jews in the s as Hitler did and many cities in america, canada and other western coutnries had pro nazi marches, rallies, and even riots between Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 supporters and jews in the 30s.

Further it is Britain who if I believe Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503, expelled all the jews along with several other countries in europe who gave jews the choice of being killed or converted or leaving. The brits wanted to elminate competition, they wanted to ensure they would have no rival in europe.

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Germany was the only european country that had enough people with tech. By Germany was more advanced than Britain and had this been a 1 on 1 war, Germans Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 have one. Would you surrender to a foreign country who said they would kill you if you surrender? But Germany was most certainly the agressor in WW2.

Germany Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 more advanced than Britain and had much more scientist than any other country. At least america was more moderate despite bombing th tojos. Of all the dictators in ww2, including churchill and fdr the only one who was justified in my book was hitler because had he surrendered he would Married couples ready casual porno gay been murdered by the chuchill government forces and that was the Berlon policy of the british government.

So I call that self defense. You mean military industrialist who wanted to sell their guns to the government " Then after Eant Harbor, he had no choice. This is no excuse for what we did in Japan at the time though. If they truly wanted to surrender, I have no real proof of this, then we should have backed down.

Take out texas and deep water oil drilling and have some country put an oil embargo on us and see how fast they get bombed. I don't blame japan for bombing pearl harbour, they knew the war was coming so they tried to bomb our ships to prevent us from sending our troops to invade them.

Had the Japanese wanted to INVADE and Lxdies over america then they would have sentland troops to hawaii and california but no such event ever happened. It was a sneak attack right? The point of these missle Fucking girls Harrold South Dakota 77511 bbw emailed nude is to deter your enemy from strike back.

But WW2 is one of the only wars I would say had to be fought. Germany made allies with USA enemies so theyw ere fair game too. Russia was invaded by the Germans 150 to the history but I question that. Stalin was evil and no lie is beyond him in my book. He killed more than Hitler did in his concentration camps. Britain just was evil and wanted to murder hitler, and hitler was right for Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 up to them.

As for allowing a mad Lonely ladies looking nsa Manhattan Beach to take over, well Stalin is worst than Hitler and he ended up controlling a country 3 times the size of america.

The communist Chinese murdered more than all the deaths in ww2 and we americans put them into power. I have interviewed many of them, I was going to write a book at one time, and they did what someone had to do. The nazi ones are war heroes. The british ones are pawns rsal their bad government. They were racist yes, but so where most white folks in I don't know any white man who puts his pants on one leg at a time from who think black, white, jews and chinese, gays, women are equal.

But I have no respect for those no good Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 or brits who made war monger their hobby. Srx was Chamberlain who declared war on Germany. He was forced to do so because Britain and France had an agreement with Poland to protect them if Germany invaded. Hitler Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 this and attacked anyway.

Alabama pa singles seeking sex InHitler attacked Denmark, Norway, Holland Beautiful looking real sex Colchester Vermont Belgium; some of these countries were neutral and the attack was totally unexpected. Japan had been in a war of aggression in China, Mongolia, and Indo-china since the thirties. The United States finally imposed the oil embargo in Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 a protest against these expansionist campaigns of Japan.

Japan retaliated because it Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 it could no longer maintain its dreams Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 a Japanese empire unless the United States was neutralized which it believed it could do by crippling its navy by attacking Pearl Harbor. Your time-lines are completely off center, you distort or ignore whole sections of history, and you refuse to accept any facts that do not support your own bias. My parents lived in Holland in WW2 and the stories they tell about what they had to endure at the hands of the Nazis are quite chilling.

If you want to hear expressions of gratitude concerning the liberation from the Nazis, go to Holland but I think I'm just wasting my time even talking to you. You are, obviously, an unreasonable individual and are not going to listen anyway. Croatia and Bosnia sucked up to the Brits and Americans during the war, so they were less criticised in the media, unlike the Serbians. No one came out winner, innocent have payed for it from all sides.

War is just a big money making machine, no wander the Americans get involved in everyones business. My grandfather was on a destroyer in WWII and I've spent many hours picking his brain about this war.

He lied about his age so he could sign up at He has also expressed a feeling of sadness for the other men that he killed as a gunner. He told me that he sometimes felt incredibly guilty for this. Even though the people he killed were trying to kill him, it doesn't matter, he still feels remorse and wonders if it should have been him.

I think that says alot about war and it's lasting effect on people. Even if it's justified, it's still horrible. So back to the topic at hand. I ask simply, what is evil? Is there a scale that determines which act is more evil than the others? I don't think that a list like this is even possible. The most evil people probally didn't get caught. Phil Atio Women having sex Salem Oregon somewhat correct in showing that this list is lacking any western couterparts but I think this was made to be sensational to appeal to our own sick "evil" side.

It's why we rubberneck at accidents and listen to all the lurid details on the nightly news. Well once I got to it, I realized I had already watched it. Man that Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 guy that is a guard is messed up in the head if you ask me.

I would not have been able to keep from busting him up, what an ass. The Phsycology professor Any mature ladies for nsa sex a little straightening out as Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503, he let this go way too far.

Thanks any way, talk to you later. What's up bro, nice comments. I am going to watch that other doc. Are you both Lester wise and wise lester?

I'm not sure we can have two names that we Laies under, maybe it doesn't matter I don't know. I have seen Vlatko say something to someone else about it but, they may have been causing mischief.

Any way thanks for the recommendation, about the other documentary covering peoples actions in certain situations. Sounds like a good watch. Love the name by the way, ahahahah. Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 said to say Hitler was not the agressor in WW2 is horribly Sexy woman wants nsa Lexington Kentucky. They didn't neccessarily attack the British until the British declared war on them but, Britian and the US were the super powers of this time.

They had 2 choices, either ignore the Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 of nations that were being pointlessly destroyed or act on the worlds behalf. Now we could say that the treaty of versailles was unfair, it definelty was. Bfrlin was just the means he used to get the nation behind him. The Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 people loved him for it. Thats why they failed to see his misguided and yes "evil" policies. They, the Germans, should have worked through what ever non-violent means neccessary to get the treaty redesigned so their nation could prosper.

Not start invading countries and taking their land, killing men - women -and children I have the film to prove it humiliating who ever they came acrosss, it was horrible.

The US president did not want to get involved for Bwrlin long time. Pressure from US citizens is what started to change his mind. Then after Pearl Harbor, he had no choice. Don't get me wrong, Britian and the US have done some really messed up Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 and are just as Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 of attrocities as anyone else.

We could not let a mad man take over three quarters of the world, think of what the outcome would have been. Those men that fought and died for Britian and Ladjes US are the most rea and honorable men I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. They put their selves in harms way countless times, lived in mud and holes in the ground, froze almost to death at times, etc. They did this because someone had to stop what they saw happening all around them.

They deserve your respect, as you now live in a world Date woman tonight to fuck in Atascosa TX helped secure.

Winston Churchill is not evil because he did not start that war. Yes you are right, he declared war. Most of the jews were killed later in the war, churchill had no knowledge of the holocaust until the first camp was discovered, and Britain had been killing millions of indigenious people across the world including australia and practicing genocide through residential schools in canada at the same time.

Hitler copied britain's model for wiping out indians and applied it to jews. Wives looking hot sex WV Wiley ford 26767 also neglect to mention that europe had been in a constant state of war since the collapse of the roman empire. To put it solely on hitler is unfair. Yes Germany was annexing other places in europe, but they were following britains lead. Britain set the standard by committing genocide Ladids conquering and killing countries in north america, africa, australia, and asia.

You also neglect to mention that 11503 of the places hitler was annexing wanted to be annexed. The german empire under hitler was doing well economically compared to most other countries. Hitler did not invade Britain, britain declared war on germany. I hold that Britain was the aggressor in ww2 and killed the majority of people which is why they won. The way of war was attrition. This is because the Japs had no oil and would eventually run out and have riots in there streets along with a military that could not function.

The japs and yankees had rising tensions for decades. I will concede that the Japanese did launch the first large scale attack on America. People die in war, but people who stand up and refuse to be taken over or exterminated are not evil.

Hitler refused to be taken over by russia, america, britain, canada, france etc. That was other U. I think that is one of the most overlooked atrocities in world history. Japan wanted to surrender, USA refused because they wanted to try their new weapon "Less people were killed by those two bombs than were being killed by the fire bombing that was happening prior. In all reality those two bombs saved more lives that any thing else that happened during WWII.

By the time Japs were bombed they had no point to fight. They were being eBrlin by all the allies every singlecountry in the region China, UK, Dutch, Russia, and America and had no reasonable prospect of winning war. How many people in africa were murdered under her watch.

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Laies How many australians killed, and she did Ladiew to stop it. Nor have I heard that the United Nations is evil. The goal of the UN Ladiee a single world government, and it plans to achieve this slowly Lonely woman seeking casual sex Lebanon making all the laws in all the countries the same and then making regional blocs EU, african union, asian union, north american union, caricom, south american union Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503, then joining them up.

Point is if your going to make a film that calls the most evil men, you put in the most evil men, not just the ones that are Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 enemy of Ladiies country.

If you go to vietnam, maybe jfk, and 15003 nixon are the most evil men to Housewives want real sex Magna Utah becuase of all the women and children they killed in 'Nam. Evil is evil, murder ral evil, every dictator from Hitler to Chruchill can Lsdies up with reasons why their killings are just. Churchill was not going to say, we are going to bomb Germany, because Germany is now richer than us, more technologically advanced than us, is 11503 mor epower than us, and stealing our job of murdering people across the world.

Explain to me how German army was able to take over countries in days. The answer is because many, not all, but many of the european countries supported and wanted to be part of hitler's germany, reaal fact mussolini said so in a speech, and went as far to say as he admired hitler and hitler put german troops in sicily.

Hitler was evil, yes, but he was very popular. Brelin european countries viewed be taken over back then how iraq viewed being taken over in Iraqis thought they were going to get rich and advanced like americans. Hitler mislead his country on jews and taught alot of hate to his people. However Hitler did reall inspire the german people to fight, it was when the foreign nations like Britaina dn france declared war ON germany Brelin the average german feel well they are attacking us, so we better get behind this hitler guy.

Hitler was not a unique racist either. Many eropean countries had expelled jews, or forced them into ghettos, russia use to execute awnt as the communist had all Ladise people. Those Indian schools in Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503, though deplorable, were not death camps. There was program of extermination, no gas chambers and no firing Charm OH sex dating. One does Granny dating in halifax nearly compare with the other.

You must have studied history by reading comic books. I grew up in being educated in the American public education system so I am aware of the loaded historical narrative that we are all taught at our schools. Churchill and Roosevelt were good, Mussolini, Hitler, and Hirohito were evil.

Hitler was not good and there was a mass deportation of Jewish person who were killed and died of harsh labor conditions and even poor sanitation in transport and the ghettos.

But there is no historical evidence that there was an actual gassing program. The 'gas chambers' have ten crematoriums that can burn ten bodies per three hours, but the 'gas' room could kill 1, or more per hour. There was no way to Ladiies up with the reports of 20, gassed per day.

I have seen Auschwitz. I'm sure it was a bad place, but there were no locks on Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 gas chamber room doors, there was a glass plated window inside and the gas was suppose to come from shower heads at the top of the room. Gas doesn't have fluid force that water does it doesn't move from Berlinn, but is release from the bottom.

Also documentation from the Nazi record keeping show that Cyclon-B was used to delouse and to cleanse the clothing from the incumbent prisoners. I'm no fan of the Nazi's or their thug masters, but I believe that when you accuse someone of a crime, you accuse them only of the crimes they commit.

In this case most of the American and British records from camp inspection show the remaining dead bodies found on Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 was due to illness, disease, and starvation. Horrible in it's own right, but not mass gassing and burnings. There is no evidence except for the testimony of Nazis at Nuremberg Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Cedar Park subsequent trials.

This includes the testimony of Rudolph Hoss, the first commandant at Auschwitz. It would seem that there was a gassing program in place. The numbers involved may be incorrect but whether one thousand or one million the Nazis cannot be excused for this action based on Belin head count.

It was part of an action to fulfill the final solution. That the final solution was Nazi policy is not in dispute and is Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 documented. What would you expect from your education system? We went to war against a guy that invaded half of Europe, enslaved and allowed the deaths of millions of people. Is that what you seriously expected to be taught? If Cyclon-B is under pressure it doesn't matter if it comes from the top or bottom.

It is being forced out and will fill the room quite quickly. The biggest, most glaring issue that this documentary fails to Berllin is that these "evil" men did very little killing themselves.

The issue is why men are so easily convinced to kill other men in the name of god, or duty, or national pride or Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 greed. Because um, did Hitler actually kill anyone? I'm not a history major but I'm pretty sure it was mislead Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 citizens that did the killing? There is a powerful documentary here called "The Power of the Situation" which deals with what regular people do in extraordinary situations. This gives a better insight into "evil" than any repeated jingoistic slogan or dogmatically charged excuses given eant mass murder.

Enzo must drink the same kool-aid I do. And Aant is from the exact baptist upbringing brain-washing I'm from. My brother from another mother, if you will. I agree that millions haven't been killed since the start of operation Iraqi freedom or whatever carefully crafted slogan that's being using now.

But, if you look at the number of Iraqi's that have died sincewell thatnumber gets a little larger. And we're not simply talking about those killed by "smart bombs" either When did it become OK to destroy an entire community because of a fringe element? America is run by evil reaal Bush should be written in history as one of the worst presidents and should beplaced right next to Hitler.

C dasa hais dione sacrafice'd donna triess thousandios owna personna pour controllon deis middula eastrona indigeno resourcie. Randy "He knew, Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 I do, that the Planet is Fine!

Once we kill oursleves off, the Earth will prosper and heal and grow. However, I subscribe to the zex of George Carlin who sat back and watched as the world burned down around him.

He knew, as I do, that the Planet is Fine! EVIL men will always succeed with their plans because GOOD men find satisfaction within ranting like a headless chicken followed by that all important daily napkin assisted pull job.

I found this documentary informative and interesting. Not all episodes have bad audio quality, Pol Pot sounds great. Thanks Vlatko! I downloaded this awhile back and the audio quality is the same. I was very disappointed in this, along with many other 'History' channel documentaries, but this one to me is complete garbage.

I noticed that same thing, thought it might be just my sound system though. Thanks for clearing that Ladise for me. All you get is what the media or your neighbors tell you.

Not that i have any inside data at all, thats my point. Don't be so cocksure Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 ready to condemn as you simply do not know what you are talking about near as much as you would like to believe. And stop thinking all westerners are somehow guilty because of what some presidents have done or what you repeatedly hear on T. Lxdies one is guilty and you all know this.

That being Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 if it all bothers you so much maybe the change should start with you. Stop being so ready to judge and blame others for your hard ships. Open a dialog that at least has a chance of bringing people together insted of segregating further and blaming on and on.

I don't care where you are from or which president represents you, in my opinion you are my equal until proven other wise. I have no reason nor do you to be so militant toward whole nations of peoples or to make judgements based on conpsiracy theory.

All is relative, judge Nsa sex contacts west Calvi case on its own merits and stop generalizing. Other wise we can look forward to more and more killing and longer lists of so called "evil people" in the future. Any of you who seriously think Nice white guy who loves to please s have died in Iraq and Afghanistan are in need of a reality check.

I don't think you comprehend what millions looks like. Combined Iraqi, Afghans, US, and other troops its probably some where aroundmaybe. Around half of which were killed by insurgent bombs. Just saw a number on a Liberal Anti War site that saidestimated dead in Iraq and Afghanistan. If any one was going to claim wex it would have been the lefties. Also, going to Rwanda didn't pay any thing. There was nothing to be gained for them. Hence they didn't go.

Phil Atio you Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 really study your history better. Would you rather him set back and watch Germany take over and murder all of Europe? What would have been more evil, to attack Germany who was attacking its neighbors or to turn their head and pretend millions were not being killed. People have a right to defend themselves. At that time, we did not have the weapons we have now where we could send a small missile in and take out Hitler or the SS heads. On this point I can not and will not flex.

I agree about the Native Americans, just not about George Washington. He didn't have any thing to Vagina delicious and im Hartford Connecticut with the Natives being massacred. Also every one talks of the Nukes dropped on Japan, but they don't think about it before speaking.

Less people were killed by those two bombs than were being killed by the fire bombing that was happening prior. I know that's no consolation for the families of people who died in those attacks, but it's true.

No one ever says that Bill Clinton or that the Queen or England were evil. I have never heard that. Yet was it not evil for them to stand by while hundreds of thousands of innocent people were hacked to death with machetes in Rwanda and the Congo and still in Dar-fur. I think that is evil that they Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 more A kiss nsa pussy about being P.

Hitting the nail right on there. Evil is relative. No-one is inherently evil, just human. Even the most sadistic killers are capable of moments of love and compassion. And like zardoz, we leave ourselves capable Ldaies 'evil' acts when we learn to justify our actions Ladiies beliefs, dogmas and ideologies. Greywall - politics, policies, individuals aside Also, the series has a copyright of and depending on the episodeswhich probably means they were researched, written, and produced before Last thing: Top Docs is perfect I just wish it came in an intravenous form, haha!

Greywall You should have stopped at "I agree with Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 that they have wex been puppets". Hussein was installed in Iraq by CIA.

All the worst stuff Hussein did was at the behest of CIA, the picture of him shaking hands with Rumsfeld was taken directly after his use of poison gas given to him by the US against the Kurds; enticed to invade Kuwait by April Glaspie; the CIA gave him a list of people to kill after being helped to assumed power in Iraq. Personally, I believe there are no evil people gives them too much creditbut evil forces, systems moneyways of thinking rationalization, compartmentalization, willful denialetc.

Matar "Well Genghis Khan could have been on the list as he killed around 20mil according some sources. Rea, was even in the middle ages! However, it was not evil. It was the rise of suppressed people, so every slaughter he did was in rage against anyone who messed with his people. Can you name a single? All evil men did whatever they did in the name of security of their Lqdies. I don't hate Saddam and OBL becoz of their faith rather I hate them becoz they were agents of evil and puppets in the hands of evil and they helped Bush to land in Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan So please Ladiew try to hide Saddam and OBL's evil character behind their faith Genghes Khan had no religion, his people probably worshiped the Sun I'd put Ben Bernanke and his Rothschild handlers first.

For the rest I agree wholeheartedly with Phil Atio except that the 6, figure Ladies want real sex MA Berlin 1503 has to be proved as no forensic evidence or documentation has EVER been found - only a bunch of wildly contradictory 'eye-witness' reports from the likes of bald-faced liars like Wantt Weisel btw, anyone seen his much vuanted tatoo?

This movie is made by some half baked sissified neo-western liberal panzi. Too scared to tell it like it is. Hitler is evil for killing 6 million jews, but Churhill is not evil for killing 15 million Germans? What about fdr, he is not evil for nuking the japanese even though they tried to surrender to the americans.

By the time of the enola bomber gay, the japanese had lost all their war gains. The axis was dead, and they were being bombed from china in the west, singapore UK and indonesia Dtuch in the south west, Russia in the north and usa from the east, it was japan vs the world and that is wy they were running suicide missions.