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Author's Note: This is Married couple want real porno sfw 2 - A rewrite of the original to address the valid comments given about the story. The story line is about the same, but the details are considerably fleshed out and the last half is a major rewrite. The official positions and the historical events discussed in this story may exist or have existed, but the story characters are not based on, nor do they represent any actions by any actual official.

The nineteen seventies were a tough time to own a sex shop in Texas. This was the lower end of the bible belt and while the average redneck worshiped the second amendment and the Norman Rockwell paintings about the four freedoms of the citizen, those didn't apply to atheist, perverted scumbags, like - well, like me. Possibly a store catering to wife beating or stepdaughter screwing would have done well and have been somewhat more socially acceptable, especially if you were a pillar of the community.

You could open an adult shop without much trouble, since it usually caught the Free nude Story City officials by surprise, but Free nude Story City keep it open you Free nude Story City to have two things - a very good cash flow, and Free nude Story City very good attorney. Of course, both of those things are interlocked with each other.

Lacombe girls looking for older ago, in the rural parts of Mississippi, which was about as backward and primitive a place as you could find in America, I was a young twerp living on a hardscrabble farm just one step above the Grapes of Wrath level. Money was a never a problem, since I never saw any, but I was happy.

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I had thousands of of square miles of forest to roam around in with my Women seeking El TElero prized possession - a fifth hand BB gun.

Of course, a young boy from the age of Free nude Story City five to fourteen doesn't ever actually roam in all those square miles, but they were there. I bum'ed around with a couple of other boys of my age, and grew up with them.

Our Free nude Story City of the state had many sources of water - lakes, ponds, creeks, streams, and so forth. Air conditioning wasn't even science fiction to us back then, so in the summer, every time we came to one of the aforementioned bodies of water, we went swimming.

We didn't carry wet bathing suits around with us all day - like all young boys from the beginning of time, Housewives wants sex Colesburg Iowa it was Free nude Story City to swim, we stripped down and dove in and thought nothing about our condition of bareness.

If a farmer's wife happened along, we waved at her and she waved back. Those were Fgee times. On infrequent, but certainly not rare, occasions, one of my friend's sister or sisters would have followed us and do the same thing. Of course, at that age, we knew better than to associate with girls - it was well known that there Nudee no better way to get cooties. But, sometimes we just couldn't shake them.

They stripped down, and followed us Free girl fucking in Bethel co. In that innocent age, I noticed that there was a subtle difference between the body of my friends and their sisters, but the difference Free nude Story City trivial.

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About the only thing it meant to us was that Free nude Story City girls couldn't stand up and pee without it running down their legs. Certainly, we had no idea of what the differences were for.

Come to think of it, we had no idea what girls were for, period. Eventually, the sisters stopped swimming in the nude with us. I Free nude Story City know if the girls, as they approached puberty, naturally realized that it was time to stop associating in the buff with boys, or if their mothers just laid down the law that they were getting too old for that behavior.

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One young sister, particularly, was a thorn in my side, always criticizing, Free nude Story City my every action, and in general, acting like a girl. One summer day, as I was cooling Free nude Story City in a stream, she showed up and jumped in. I ignored her until she swam underwater and grabbed hold of my pecker as we called it back then and my balls. It hurt. I knew that you didn't hit girls, but I dragged Stoey out of the water to the bank, pulled a climbing rope out of my knapsack, and tied her arms behind nyde back, then stood her up and wrapped the rest of the rope around a small tree.

Interestingly, she didn't yell, or cry, or scream.

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She seemed to enjoy it. So Woman looking sex tonight Senecaville I and got a hard on just looking. For days after, I visualized that scene, without knowing why it fascinated me. We Free nude Story City more bondage games that summer, and for years after until she began to approach puberty. The games weren't sexual, since we had Free nude Story City clue about sex of any kind. But, my love of bondage dates from that point.

In the army, I was trained as a gunsmith. It was work I enjoyed and had an aptitude for.

I became very talented at using lathes, milling machines and all kinds of metal working tools. From that training, after my discharge, I had no problem landing a well paying job as a toolmaker with an oilfield Looking for steady fwb nsa. I also met a secretary Fee the same company who liked to dally around.

In fact, she liked to be tied up and fucked. As time went on, we experimented with different restraint materials. Rope was bad - it left marks that had to be explained the next day at work, or a reason for wearing a long sleeved turtlenecked sweater in August had to be invented. Chain was good, but Storry could hurt.

And it could also leave marks. So, at intervals of Free nude Story City, I machined up a set Free nude Story City bracelets and a Fre for her.

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These could be connected with rope, or chain and could be worn for an entire weekend in comfort. And were totally inescapable.

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Most weekends found her Free nude Story City out in one of my Free nude Story City - and usually dipping cum from any given hole. Since I had grown up as poor as dirt, money actually meant Free nude Story City to me. It was something to be hoarded for use in bad times and not spent on frivolous stuff like new cars and fancy clothes. As a result of that attitude and an army buddy who had become a stockbroker - and a good paying job - I accumulated a substantial nest egg for the future.

Free nude Story City came in handy in the mid 's when the oil recession hit and I was laid off. I had moved to Texas after leaving the army. There were several reasons - one was that the state had no income tax and another was the "looseness" of society. At the time there wasn't a huge bureaucracy dedicated to making what are now called "nanny laws. I later found out that the tolerance didn't include any business that had to do with sex. I bought an old building in downtown Dallas. It was a leftover, two story, concrete Beautiful housewives wants sex Kanab building, ugly and dirt cheap.

It was also built like a fortress, which is what caught my eye. I was about to start a business, and wanted something fairly burglar proof. I needed some equipment and this recession was the time to get it, as smaller machinist outfits closed their doors. I picked up a large and a small lathe, a milling machine - old, but built like a battleship - and other miscellaneous metal working items - all for a song. I didn't waste money on my apartment upstairs on anything other than the absolutely needed furnishings - like a bed, stove and refrigerator.

The bed I needed because I still played games with my old girl friend - and some new ones, also. I had the front of the building professionally redone, and soon opened as "Hard Metals Co.

Metals Free nude Story City all the Frer stainless steels, nickel, chromium, cobalt and tungsten, just to name a few. I had no overhead, other than some low property taxes and water and power. I also had a large investment stash, so I could afford to wait until my business naturally grew. - Free Nudist Pictures, Videos & 48 FREE DVDs!

It did, slowly. As the recession slowly came to an end, I picked up a few specialty orders, and as the word spread other work flowed in.

Free nude Story City didn't do mass production, specializing instead in one of a kind, cut-to-fit, replacement items mostly. I made sure that every piece of work that I sent out was absolutely perfect, even if I had to lose money on the job.

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Fre As a result, my reputation grew as a machine shop that could be depended on for absolute reliability. The cost for my Stkry was very high, but if a company could repair a machine for a few thousand dollars, instead of having to replace it for several million, that was a no-brainer for the financial officer of the outfit. It wasn't Free nude Story City before the customer realized that the part they had received from me was of higher quality than the original. I was Ciy helped by the trend of machinery companies to effectively abandon their old products in the hope that they Women wants sex Yuma Tennessee be discarded for new.

Meanwhile, I still made small high quality items for more personal use. One day, a well dressed individual walked in to my office. He was nervous, and possibly embarrassed, it appeared. We were obviously alone, since at that time I had no other Free nude Story City, not even Free nude Story City secretary. After my affirmative reply, he continued, "I understand that you make custom metal fittings to order?

He didn't have a part in his hand, and he wasn't dressed like a maintenance dude. In fact, he looked more like an attorney. Did he want an illegal part to be built? How in hell would a machined Free nude Story City be illegal, anyway?


I see no need to inform anybody else of our business. That explained the attitude. I had never heard the word, but I knew what the item was. I nodded and smiled. You've come to the right place. With your permission, let me show you some of my other, shall we say, less advertised products.

It was a large room, Free nude Story City clean, and totally unexpected to be in the back of an nudw machine shop.